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About queries and results

Dune Analytics lets you explore, create, and share Ethereum analytics. You can find an endless amount of great queries and dashboards on Dune.

We have decoded Ethereum smart contract data so you can do powerful analysis with simple SQL queries and visualise the query results into beautiful graphs.

Dune Analytics is free for everyone forever. If you want extra features like private queries, export your results and more check out our Pro plan.

SQL query

1WITH prices AS (                                                                                       
2    SELECT minute,                                                         
3        contract_address,                                                                              
4        price
5    FROM prices.usd                                                                                    
6    WHERE minute > now() - interval '7 days'
9, seven_day_volume AS
12SELECT  project AS "Project",                        
13        SUM(COALESCE(
14            usd_amount,                 -- Use USD amount directly if available in dex.trades table
15            token_a_amount * a.price,   -- If no USD amount multiply token A with USD price 
16            token_b_amount * b.price    -- Else multiply token B with USD price
17        )) as usd_volume                                                                             
18FROM dex."trades" t                                                                             
19LEFT JOIN prices a ON date_trunc('minute', block_time) = a.minute AND token_a_address = a.contract_address 
20LEFT JOIN prices b ON date_trunc('minute', block_time) = b.minute AND token_b_address = b.contract_address 
21WHERE block_time > now() - interval '7 days'
22AND project != '1inch'
25), one_day_volume AS (...

SQL query results