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@MatteoLeibowitz / Compound Interest Accrued

Compound v2: Insurance Fund All TimeCompound Interest Accrued


About queries and results

Dune Analytics lets you explore, create, and share Ethereum analytics. You can find an endless amount of great queries and dashboards on Dune.

We have decoded Ethereum smart contract data so you can do powerful analysis with simple SQL queries and visualise the query results into beautiful graphs.

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SQL query results


SQL query

2date_trunc('month', block_time) as month,
3"token_symbol" as asset,
4sum("interest_accumulated_usd") as interest_accumulated_per_asset_usd,
5sum(sum("interest_accumulated_usd")) over (order by date_trunc('month', block_time)) cumulative_interest_accumulated_usd,
6sum(sum("interest_accumulated_usd"*0.1)) over (order by date_trunc('month', block_time)) as compound_insurance_fund
7FROM compound."view_accrue_interest"
9ORDER BY 1 desc

Result visualizations

Compound v2: Interest Accrued Per Asset Per Day (%)Compound Interest Accrued