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DEXTF Token Holder Chart


DEXTF Holders Daily


DEXTF Holders Daily


#KPIs for Asset Management Protocols The following KPIs are relevant for asset management protocols in general and for DEXTF in particular. KPI growth rates are measured over time and will be compared to similar protocols.

  • Total Value Locked (AUM)
  • AUM per product
  • Number of Investors
  • AVG/Median Investment Amount
  • Fees, Revenues & Revenue Distribution (0 currently)
  • APY per product
  • Risk-adjusted Returns

#Specific KPIs for DEXTF DEXTF is an oracle-less investment platform. Fund manager can create (& later also manage) index funds and investors can either purchase funds through the platform or through Uniswap. DEXTF offers also Structured Tokens that combine the features of multiple different DeFi projects: yields, derivatives, synthetics, options, etc. This enables DEXST creators to adjust the risk-return profile of investments, vastly expanding the number of possible payoffs.

  • Fund managers: Number of managers, Funds per manager, Total/AVG AUM, Performance, Revenues, Risk-adjusted returns
  • Funds: Number of Investors, AUM, Performance, Revenues, Risk-adjusted returns, Weights of assets in indices
  • Investors: Number of Investors on DEXTF, Number of Investors on Uniswap, Investment Amount, APY
  • Liquidity Providers: Number, Liquidity on Uniswap
  • Arbitrageurs: Number, Revenues
  • Incentives: LM, Fund Manager & Investor rewards & distribution

#Top 10 Funds

  • AUM (TVL)
  • Holders
  • Activity (Transactions last 7 days)
  • Uniswap Liquidity
  • Weights of assets in indices
  • Fund Performance (1day, 7days, 30days, 6months, 1 year)

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