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@c3rnst / Gnosis Protocol for trader


####Welcome to the Gnosis Protocol Trader dashboard

Gnosis Protocol is a fully permissionless DEX that enables ring trades to maximize liquidity.

To read all about this mechanism, head to our **Gnosis Protocol Developer Portal.

For questions, find us on [Discord] (

You will be able to trade on Mesa, the first dapp built on the Gnosis Protocol.

####About this dashboard

  1. The underlying Gnosis Protocol contract was launched on 23rd January 2020.
  2. Within some of the tiles, you may also use search functions (by symbols, batchIDs or Ethereum addresses).
  3. For general Gnosis Protocol data, head to this separate dashboard.
  4. If you have a particular wish for data, you can use this request form. We appreciate your feedback!
  5. There is no guarantee for correctness of the queries. They are public, feel free to check them out and give us feedback.
  6. Note that Dune is running behind around 3 minutes and there is an additional lag in updating the stats: it should only be used in retrospect. If you see "NaN", that indicates that the number to be shown is too small.

All final trades on GP (filter by address, batchID or token symbol)_incl. limit price


Submitted Orders


Deposits by user (search by batchId, trader or token)


User Balances on Protocol (search by trader or token symbol)


Withdraw requests by user (search by address or token)


Withdraws by user (search by address or token)


Cancelled orders (search by trader, token or batchId)


Any token Movements on GP (search by batchId, operations, token or trader)


All trades (executed and reverted) (filter by token, address or batchID)


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